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“Earlier this year Colin Wilkinson helped to mastermind one of the most impressive feats in angel fundraising seen in the UK.”

Emmett Kilduff: MD - CMyPitch Angel Investment Network

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“Colin joined the project several years in but it's undoubtedly his financing expertise and commercial insight that has turned the production into a phenomenally successful, scalable business."

From the book: How They Started in Tough Times”

Prepare your Start-up Business for Investment

If you have a business idea that has reached the stage where it has a mature, well-researched business plan and a full set of financials then it is likely that you are
currently seeking investment. 

If, like 97% of people seeking funding, you are finding it tough then it’s probably not because you’re just unlucky.   There is plenty of venture money looking for a home – even in these market conditions. 

The chances are that:
•    you’re not looking in the right places;
•    your approach is ineffective, or more likely;
•    your business plan is flawed.  This can either be something

     fundamental about the concept, or the way that you are

     representing the opportunity – both in written form, and as

     a presentation. 

We can evaluate your plan and approach and highlight any steps you can take to improve it.  If we think it’s got potential then we’ll tell you what we think you need to do to develop it into a fundable proposition.  Equally, if we think that the concept is fundamentally flawed we’ll tell you – we’ll be gentle, but straight-talking.

If you want us to assist you, and we feel you have a good underlying proposition then we will consider taking on a development contract.  This assistance can take the form of providing a mentoring service to help you get it right for yourself, or we can take ownership for the creation of the full investor pack.

If we get this far we’ll discuss fees.  It will be fair, and appropriate to the stage you are at – we realize that you are probably short of cash, hence the reason you’re seeking investors.  Remuneration is likely to involve some form of equity participation.

See article with leading start-up / Business Start-up organisation:

Write / re-write your Investment Proposal

If you wish us to take on prime responsibility for the production of the investment proposal (or 'Information Memorandum') then we will write the text, re-cast the financials and take over the production of a professional pack design.  All of this will be done in close consultation with you and your team.

The service can be extended to cover the creation of a presentation, and mentoring you on your delivery skills.

It is very rare that we get involved at this level unless we feel that you have a copper-bottomed idea backed up by a well-worked implementation plan and a great team.

Please contact us for examples of our investment proposals


Fund Raising

If we genuinely think that your business has what it takes to succeed and the chemistry is right then we will assist you in raising the funds.  This can take many forms, from providing you with key contacts and mentoring you, to taking the lead responsibility for making it happen.  If the circumstances are right we may invest ourselves.

See Colin in action in this brief news clip: BBC 6 O'Clock News

Assist in the Launch Phase of your Business

This will involve assisting you in drawing up the launch plans for the business, finding the right Non-Executive directors to help, and overseeing the post-investment launch phase - with you firmly at the helm.  We would not do this unless we have played a key role in the funding of, or finding investors in, the business. 


If we strike up a good rapport, then we would be happy to consider devoting a small amount of time helping you - and we would not charge you for this service (so long as the time input required by us is kept to a minimum).  We can also help to put you in touch with other mentors and support organisations.

If the nature of the mentoring required is more time-intensive than the occasional telephone call then it may be appropriate to discuss fee-arrangement or a consultancy contract.

Business Consulting

In exceptional circumstances it might be appropriate to provide you with traditional business consultancy.  This is an expensive service (£500 - £3,000 a day) and only recommended for more mature business with a healthy revenue stream or businesses with a large fund raising target. 

If this is your chosen path we will meet with you to carry out a full evaluation of your needs before matching you with the right skills for your requirements, and this may mean that we use in-house skills, or we match you with our extended network of associates.

The specifying of a consultancy project is a very interactive process, and one in which the client is very much in the driving seat.